2018 Toyota Cars Yaris

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In the Seattle-Tacoma area, there are a lot of commuters. We drive from Redmond to Seattle, from Everett to Bellevue, from North Bend to Issaquah. We cross over lakes, hop on ferries, and trek all over the Puget Sound reason. Road warriors like these need a great car.

“The Toyota Yaris is a really fantastic car, especially for commuters,” said Ted Klarich, general sales manager at Burien Toyota. “Not only does it get incredible gas mileage at 37 miles per gallon, the interior is actually really roomy. You don’t feel like you’re driving a tin can in order to save on gas.”

The Toyota Yaris is designed to be small on the outside, but big on the inside. It comes in with three or five doors and seats five people. The 60/40 split means you can even transport larger iems with ease and the liftback gate makes it easy to load up.

This lightweight car is also pretty fun to drive!

According to Aol.com, “Secure and solid would be good ways to describe the Toyota Yaris…the Yaris handling is lively enough, while feeling a bit more substantial.”

Not only that, but Toyota has managed to curb a common problem with smaller cars: getting going and road noise.

Aol.com: “We found ourselves pushing 80 on an uphill freeway, foot on the floor and the engine loving it. Its hp is enough for everyday driving, and the torque is available over a broad range. Torque is that force that propels you up hills and away from intersections. A broad torque curve means responsiveness when driving around town. 

“Uphill at 80 it was hungry for more, not straining. At that speed you can't hear the motor. You hear the tires, but hardly even any wind noise. Toyota has done an excellent job with the Yaris's aerodynamics and sound insulation.”

The seats are roomy, high quality, and comfortable, especially for a smaller vehicle.

And the best part is the affordability factor.

Stop by Burien Toyota today to find out why the Toyota Yaris is the best small car for you!

*Prices shown are Toyota Cars suggested retail prices only, and do not include taxes or license. Actual vehicle/accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Dealers set their own prices. Please consult your selected dealer.
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