2018 Toyota Trucks Highlander

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When it comes to vehicles, you can’t always judge the interior by its exterior because what you get with Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid is the best of both the car and SUV worlds.

Sure, on the outside the Toyota Highlander looks like your usual SUV or crossover. But on the inside, “it’s all car.” Not only is it all car on the inside, it also handles like car with extremely responsive handling and maneuverability. For parents trying to squeeze by idling vehicles in the Costco parking lot, that’s pretty important.

Here in the Puget Sound and Seattle-area, we love SUVs and crossovers…but we don’t particularly like (or are good at) maneuvering and parking them. Maybe we’re self-conscience. Maybe we’re a little judgmental. But the good news is the Toyota Highlander is easy to drive! According to Edmunds.com, “With more room for people and their things, the Toyota Highlander remains an excellent choice for a do-all family vehicle.” Not only that, but it’s comfortable be in and has some very car-like qualities, according to CarandDriver.com. The interior is made of soft, high-quality materials and all about comfort.

The safety and other features of the Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid are sure to make it stand out

Yes, what’s on the inside is very important, but residents of the Pacific Northwest also want to look good. They most certainly won’t be disappointed with the Toyota Highlander because it is sleek, powerful, driving machine. Sure you might use it to cart your kids to soccer practice, but no one will think “Soccer mom carpool car” when they see you pull up in this.

Check out the photos if you need more convincing.

The Toyota Highlander will have plenty of power to get you, your family, and your stuff to where you need to go. Whether it’s safely out of the Costco parking lot, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula, or to Eastern Washington for some sunshine (or snow).

*Prices shown are Toyota Trucks suggested retail prices only, and do not include taxes or license. Actual vehicle/accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Dealers set their own prices. Please consult your selected dealer.
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